1 Day Workshops


Start Date :- As per class capacity

Duration :- 1 Day 4 Hours

Location :- Dubai

We believe in experiential learning, which is why we push the participant’s limits of commitment while practicing the most advanced photography techniques.

Product Description

Executive Summary

People today have more options /choices of cameras with more advanced technology every day. Which enabled people to easily capture great moments of their life and the sights they seen beautifully.

As a result amateurs photographers tend to believe that everyone can be professional photographer. On the other hand passionate photographers know that it takes more than a good camera to take that shoot that will change your life. Utilizing the technology and the best use of the available cameras, choosing the right techniques, the artistic vision of the picture taker – before it’s even captured, polishing the final product and sharing it with the world is what makes a real professional photographer.

Our “Professional Photography Techniques” Training Program is a comprehensive program that teaches the skills, techniques and knowledge that will ensure successful results, and develop a passionate amateur photographer into a professional photographers level.




As most people do today are interested in taking photos of themselves, their food and the places they visit and share it on social media. Khaled believes that if you have enough commitment and passion, we can easily help them to make it as a profession.

Khaled can relate the program to his personal life, when he used to be a successful event organizer at a stage in his life. He was always passionate about photography. Developed himself from scratch and travelled the world following his passion, learning photography after taking the right shot that made him and other people happier and proud of the beauty of his photos, which he always refer to as “One shot can change your life” as it did change his.

What Are the Benefits?


Our learning program is not just another photography course; it’s a learning journey, it’s an experience of being a professional photographer.

We believe in experiential learning, which is why we push the participant’s limits of commitment while practicing the most advanced photography techniques. Taking photography lovers to virgin/ remote areas such as (Mountains, fields, deserts and open sea); moreover we help them to understand and live the real situations that a professional photographers go through to take an award winning photo.

By the end of this learning program, amateur photographers will acquire a set of skill that will set them apart from others and help them to become professional photographers.

Program Objectives

  1. At the end of this program, participants will be able to:
  1. Convert photography skills form talented photographer to professional photographer.
  1. Understand professional photography techniques.
  1. Identify colours, contrast and how to compose a shot before snapping.
  1. Practice shooting in different lights and measure impact on photos
  1. Practice different professional techniques and styles and identify the one that suites the participants passion and personality.
  1. Build theme and a story with photos.
  1. Build strong portfolio.
  1. Identify target market.
  1. Utilize social media and go internationally.
  1. Creating a different eye to the world, where you can start snapping lots of pictures and to see the world different.


The storyboard for the Professional Photography Techniques is built upon the proposed learning program that participants will go through.

It will cover the participant lifecycle throughout the experience of the program, as illustrated below:

Participants Questions Key Learning Topics
Why did I sign for this program? ·       Turn the passion into a profession

·       Enjoy the learning experience

·       In one month you will be equipped with the right skills and practices to be a professional photographer

·       It’s the best in the region

Where are we today?


·       Passionate about photography, but can’t make the best out of it

·       Can’t use my expensive camera properly!

Where do we want to be?


·       Skilled photographers, how can use their skills and knowledge to capture the greatest moments

·       Professional photographers, who can change their routine jobs and actually enjoy what they do for living!

Is it easy to learn photography?


·       How to create a model portfolio

·       Landscape photography (workshop)

·       Advanced landscape photography (workshop)

·       Outdoor Portrait photography (workshop)

·       Indoor Portrait photography (workshop)

·       Street photography. (workshop)

·       Night photography. (workshop)

·       Art photography. (workshop)

·       Food photography. (workshop)

·       Motion photography (workshop)

·       Photography branding and marketing

·       How to choose your gear

·       How to build a PRO portfolio

How can I go pro?


·       Studio lighting- Fashion photography- Portrait & Commercial photography(food photography-product photography)

·       Pictures review

·       Outdoor Portrait workshop with Flash light/Motion photography

·       The art of Photoshop

·       Photography Branding

·       Social Media Marketing & Advertising

How can I put it all together?


·       Practicing the techniques and in studio and outdoor



One day work shops


Our one day work shops as below;


Intervention Learning Modules
Workshop Landscape photography (Basic/Advance)
Workshop Food Photography
Workshop Sunset & Night Photography


Workshop Fashion photography
Lecture Building a Pro-portfolio, Branding, Operation, Marketing and Advertising




Cost Element Fees
Training Material Development USD 200
Travel and Expenses USD 71
Total Cost for each work shop USD 271



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